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What Happens at an Ear Wax Removal procedure

Expert ear wax removal procedures by qualified Audiologists & Aural Care Hearing HCA qualified for a comfortable experience every time.

Professional Ear Examination

Thorough examination of the ear to determine the best removal procedure.

Safe and Effective Methods with your approval

Gentle and precise techniques for optimal ear cleaning

Safe Ear Cleaning
Expert Ear Care

Initial Consultation & Examination

Medical History

Our Audiologist or Aural Care Practioner will ask about your medical history, including any symptoms you're experiencing (e.g., hearing loss, pain, dizziness, tinnitus). They will also review your Consent Form.


Next we will examine your ears using an otoscope, a device that allows us to see inside the ear canal and assess the extent of wax buildup. We also check around the back of your ears too.

Then we will discuss both methods of ear wax removal, microsuction and syringing. Based on the consistency of your ear wax, the shape of your ear canal and your medical history. Sometimes we need to use a combination of methods for effective cleaning.

Selection of Removal Method

Ear Wax Removal Procedure


You will be sat in our comfortable rotational chair and the practitioner will begin the procedure. You will be asked for your consent to continue throughout the procedure as we check in to ensure you are in no discomfort.


After the wax is removed, our practitioner will re-examine your ear to ensure all the wax has been cleared and to check for any signs of infection behind the ear wax. Our clinicians keep notes of the procedures and before and after outcomes as per BSHAA regulations.

Our practitioner will give you instructions on how to care for your ears following the procedures. This includes most importantly not inserting anything into your ears including your fingers and you can put an infection into your ears. Also, you must keep your ears dry for 3 days minimum

Selection of Removal Method

Recieved irrigation wax removal on two deaf ears after a leading high st company told me to put drops in ears and come back in three weeks time.This company gave me back my hearing within three working days. Highly Recommended . Thank you very much

Forbes M.


Philip W

I visited the clinic on two occasions recently and each time the reception and service was excellent. All staff were extremely professional, polite, and friendly, and gave me valuable information to help make decisions about my ‘next steps’ to deal with hearing impairment. Thank you!


Ear Wax Removal Appointment Information

Consult, examination, discussion, ear wax removal procedure, appointment details, contact information.

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