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Take the first step towards better hearing with our free hearing tests at Hear Pure Chester.

Welcome to Hear Pure Chester – Your Partner in Hearing Health

At Hear Pure Chester, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal hearing health. That’s why we offer free hearing tests to help you understand your hearing needs and take the first step towards better hearing..

Early Detection

Identifying hearing loss early can help prevent further deterioration and improve treatment outcomes.

Peace of Mind

It's important to find out whether your hearing is within normal ranges or if there are areas that need attention.

Understanding your hearing profile allows us to recommend the best hearing solutions tailored to your needs.

Personalized Hearing Care

Why Get a Hearing Test?

Hearing is a vital sense that significantly impacts your quality of life. Regular hearing tests are essential for:

Why Choose Hear Pure Chester?

Expert Audiologist

As a family business, we are invested in giving you an exceptional patient experience from the time you call us or even just drop in. Patients come to us because they are seen as a family loved one who wants to hear and be heard. We listen and we give you the time you need to get to the hearing solutions right for you!

Comprehensive Care

Hearing loss is a journey and no one size fits all. When you lose your hearing, it can be hard to adjust to learning new ways to hear. We know a hearing aid is not an instant fix and that's why we are here for you for the long run! Established in 2012, we provide you with a safe, friendly and supportive environment for life.

We are not contracted to any individual hearing aid manufacturer and we definitely do not offer you substandard or outdated technology. We provide you with the recommended state of the art AI hearing aids that adapt for you and support you in challenging hearing environments that you've previously struggled with.

Reliable Hearing Solutions Provider

Cory. Thanks means a whole lot more, your dedication, the love of your profession which overflows to your patients who need you. No one can fault the care you give.
I am practically stone deaf and you peservered with me and was determined to give me the best hearing possible and you did.
So I thank you so very much for your care

Pam W.