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What Happens at a Hearing Test

Experience a comprehensive hearing test with our audiologist to assess your hearing health.

At our free hearing tests, the appointment typically begins with a discussion of your medical history and any concerns you have about your hearing. The audiologist will then examine your ears using a special instrument called an otoscope to check for any visible signs of blockage or damage.​

Next, you will be asked to listen to a series of sounds at different volumes and frequencies using headphones. The audiologist will ask you to indicate when you hear each sound by pressing a button or raising your hand.

This portion of the hearing test is called pure-tone audiometry, and it helps to determine the softest sounds you can hear at different frequencies. The results are plotted on an audiogram, which is a graph that shows your hearing sensitivity in each ear.

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a man getting his hair brushed by a hair stylist
Professional Hearing Test Service

Expert audiologists provide thorough hearing tests with personalized care and advanced technology.

Advanced Sound Evaluation

Precise assessment of hearing capabilities through a range of sound frequencies and volumes.

Personalized Care Approach

Tailored hearing test appointments to address individual concerns and provide optimal solutions.

After the full hearing aid test in Heswall is complete, Jane our audiologist will review the results with you and discuss any recommendations for further evaluation or treatment. If hearing aids are recommended, the audiologist can help you choose the right hearing aid based on your hearing loss and lifestyle. Remember we only offer the newest technology on invisible hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids or bluetooth hearing aids.

Overall, having a hearing test at Hear Pure Heswall is a simple and painless process that can provide valuable information about your hearing health. Whether you are experiencing hearing loss or simply want to check your hearing, scheduling a hearing test can be a proactive step towards maintaining your overall well-being.

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I have now been going to Hear Pure for 5 years Vanesa and her team have always been welcoming and pleasant every time i have been .They are very professional and knowledgeable about all the aspects of ear care from wax removal to recommending the right type of Hearing aids to suit you .the after sales care is excellent and getting an appointment is quick and easy . My last visit was to replace my hearing aids with a newer model i was able to try them for a week to see if they were an improvement before deciding to buy them . Cordero was very thorough and professional carried out a hearing test before setting the aids to my hearing level , he has a lovely manner and is very patient . I would recommend them to anyone for ear wax removal or hearing aids . I would recommend Hear Pure to anyone for wax removal or hearing aids they give great friendly service . I Went to Hear Pure again to replace my hearing aids same good friendly service from Vanessa and her team as it was 4years ago . The hearing aids are the best i have had , my hearing has improved no end with them instead of just hearing sound from the front where the sound is coming from ,i am now hearing sound from everywhere much clearer and it is a very good feeling , they appear to have helped to reduce the level of Tinnitus as well.


a woman with a pair of headphones on her head
a woman with a pair of headphones on her head